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"Hello there and welcome! My name is David Brown and I'm a Portland webmaster and owner of Logion Web Design, with many years of experience in website design, copy writing, and marketing.

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Whether you're looking for full custom web development, internet marketing consulting, help with do-it-yourself, keyword research, site code, analytics, or title tags, to more advanced social media strategies, with Facebook and Twitter, you will enjoy our initial free consultation. We offer 1 yr free hosting and domain name for new clients!" (p.s. my dog's name is Shaman.) 

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Dancewell Ballroom site Redesigned and Launched

Based in Beaverton, Dancewell Ballroom, a dance class studio that offers classes and private lessons, recently contracted Logion web Design to redesign their web site. Dancewell Ballroom has been providing ballroom dancing in the Portland area since 1990.
Portland Ballroom Dancing

Since 1999, Logion Web Design has evolved into a boutique of integrated solutions ranging from web site design and development, internet and Facebook marketing, copy writing, blogs, news releases, and staying strong with customer support.

Our advanced services include programming in Adobe Cold Fusion for Content Managment and E-commerce web sites, advanced Facebook marketing, page development, and ad campaigns.

We have experience in developing marketing plans, managing email programs, SEO or search engine optimization including top of Google page rankings in Portland, Salem, and Eugene for certain keywords. We also engage in market and competitor research, Twitter marketing, Google webmaster tools, Google Places, and current trends.

Creativity and inspiration are the cornerstones of our business.

Every client has specific needs. We provide a free consultation to see if our services are a match


From: Likes, Tweets and SEO blog - www.likestweetsandseo.com

3 Reasons to Make Google's +1 a Part of Your Social Media Plan

For online marketers and business owners, Google’s +1 program has led to everything from excitement and inspiration to head scratching and even indifference. What does it mean? Will it still be around – and relevant – in a few months? And how should a company best take advantage of it?

These are all good questions, and the answers aren't completely clear. For one thing, Google has a habit of leading the way when it comes to online marketing. Not all of their changes and innovations stick around, however, and so it's difficult to know how serious they are about making +1 a priority. As popular as the "like" feature has been on Facebook, who is to say that it matters on search engines?

Still, there are a lot of reasons to give Google's plus one a try, and a few ways they can help your social media marketing plan. Here are three things you should definitely keep in mind:

1. Google +1 might eventually affect search results if it is not already. Although no public announcements have been made, Google has been on the forefront of integrating real-time social content into their search results. Tweets, Facebook status updates, and other messages are being used not only as search results themselves, but to influence which websites are listed first for different keywords and phrases. It seems possible – and maybe even likely – that Google will look to integrate its own +1 results into the rankings at some point in the future.

2. You might learn something from +1 responses. One of the toughest things about Internet marketing is that, even if you're using a high-end analytics package, it's difficult to know what buyers think of various pages, blog posts, and ideas. By embracing +1 and asking for feedback, your business might be able to shortcut that process. That's because there aren't many better ways to get direct input from potential customers. Information, even more than products and prices, is the lifeblood of an online marketing plan, so why not make the most of +1 opinions?

3. Google's +1 may ultimately look a lot different than it does right now. We have already mentioned that Google has a habit of adding and subtracting programs all the time, but what we didn't point out is that they go away altogether… instead they just become integrated into something different. With that in mind, there's no guarantee that the +1 you see now is the +1 we’ll all be talking about later – there might be other social features that are added, or that become more important. If and when that happens, don't you want to have a head start on your competition?


March 3 2012

"Mission Control" -The New Facebook Pages

Facebook just changed the rules for pages a few days ago. The new look is like the personal timeline although there are differences depending on what type of page is chosen during setup. Of course Facebook has many reasons for the having a uniformity in appearance for everyone and a functionality that mirrors their mission.

As Mark Zuckerberg stated after their recent launch of going public, we "build tools to help people connect with the people they want and share what they want, and by doing this we are extending people’s capacity to build and maintain relationship" (Social by Design, the Hacker Way).

The main feature on the new page layout, which will not officially change until March 30th, is the cover photo, 851 pixels wide by up to 315 pixels deep. This large image can be a single photo or graphic, or a collage.The fan page apps are not allowed to be chosen as a default, so we all have the look and feel of the layout shown above on the Facebook marketing page shown above.

Facebook has it's own page introducing these new page features.
The following resources are also available to learn about the new page design and functionality.

The new page breakout video (fmc 2012 Pages Breakout) done by two of Facebook's engineers describes the new page tools and features including the reasons and philosophy behind the new design. One of  the most amazing things about Facebook is how they have revolutionized the marketing studies of usability, user behaviors, interaction with brands and ads, insights into sharing, engagement, and relationships by gathering user data on billions of bits of activity. This research is light years ahead of the slow moving old methods of surveys and building data over time. It is this research that is behind the new innovations in page design and functionality changes.

Here are a few more resources from Facebook to help with this learning curve:

Facebook page overview (pdf)    |  A More Detailed Page / Product Guide Facebook Marketing Solutions

If you review some pages that have already made the change, you will see how easily we all can adapt to these changes, and understand why Facebook has made these changes. There is a lot of buzz about the new ads and options. One of the key changes that I have read that reflects Facebook's main mission towards social sharing is that the difference between ads and shared content may not be as noticeable. In fact, it may seem like a seamless integration into the news feed. No longer will we be turned off by those ads that shout at us from the right side column. Rather, the new "ad story" approach will pull us in rather than push at us with the old "buy this" or "try this" method. Engaging the user will be more subtle, and seamless on some pages. The newest high end ad programs are only available to companies and brands that have a monthly budget of $25,000 or more. There will still be the self-placement ads that will not be as prominent and that may have messages that may be more like the shout out rather then the seamless. Eventually, the story may be the ad. Users sharing their experience of a product or brand may be the "ad". Advertising is user generated when liked and shared. In many cases it's all about how cool the brand is by what they present, which may not be as much about a technical description of the product. One example is the new Toyota cover photo.

There are other features such as the four visible image tabs that replace the tabs that were in the left column. The small drop down menu arrow to the right of those allows for more exploring by the user. The main body of the page is reserved for sharing in the news feed. These new changes, as a result of the research that went behind them, is causing us to re-think how we want to engage visitors to our pages, learn what the best standards and ideas are for this engagement, and take a fresh approach to the new "mission control" process.

David Brown

Logion Web Design and Development




Pew Research In : 65% of Adults Now Use Social Networks

Pew Research






Upgrading to an HTC Sensation Android Phone

I Just upgraded to an HTC Sensation Android phone and its like a mini ipad. It has a 1.2 GHz Dual Core Snapdragon MSM8260 CPU, faster than Iphone's 800 Mghz, with 768 MB RAM. It's a multimedia superphone with high quality audio and video, a larger screen, and a built in GPS with weather sounds like thunderstorms. The LCD screen has crystal clear resolution and it stretches 4.3 inches wide. Best of all, its very fast, and that helps with an impatient user like me. I can zip through web searches, check the synched calendar, and watch a YouTube video much faster than before with almost no download time. Flash streams spot on with this vs the blue dot with other mobile devices that can't handle flasg effects on websites. Now that is very cool.

Mobile search is exploding and websites need to accomodate the fact that a smartphone may be more likely to view the site than a laptop. Last year, searches on mobile devices (with web browsers)increased four times, and searches on Android devices increased 10 times. Android, although still having less apps than the iphone, is fast becoming the dominant mobile device system in the industry. Google's research shows that Android users search twice as often as users of other smartphones. Google also shows that a search for HTC Sensation is averaging 40,000 per month. Need to find out about how much traffic certain keywords get on Google? Send me a text for website development, and SEO estimates. 503-302-2333

Amazing video on population stats, forecasts by National Geographic :

Google Places Factors Change SEO Strategy

Google Places are now shown as map results before organic rankings for certain main keyword phrases in local searches, mainly when the keyword phrase preceeds the location, i.e. Remodeling Salem Oregon, as well as the reverse: Salem Oregon Remodeling. Companies are shown below the Google Adwords have ranking linked to their Places account, as well as the SEO built into their sites. SEO strategies involve content, high quality backlinks, and certain rules for meta tags and header tags, to name a few. SEO is now becoming an integral part of web site development, as most clients are demanding to have a first page ranking on Google.

A best standards webmaster approach will to improve Google ranking needs to be implemented systematically every month to ensure the ongoing content updates that Google indexes. These updates may include blogs, website pages, Facebook posts, Twitter “Tweets”, and other linked text phrases, articles, or other content that includes keyword phrase and relevant information to your products and services. We spend time with each account to implement these every month.

In addition to the above listed strategies, we also setup accounts with Amazon.com, YouTube, and other major sites that allow free accounts and a website link in order to increase the number of “links in” and for further content development and reciprocal links back to those pages.

How to Set up a Restaurant Website in your City or Town to Get More Business.
as seen on Twitter ...

We have developed restaurant directory websites for our own marketing in Portland and Salem. Now
we are expanding into other cities and offering our design and SEO services to anyone interested
in increasing their business with a restaurant directory site. Contact David Brown for more information.
503-302-2333 How Cool is this ?

Just Launched! 1) www.RemodelingSalemOregon.com - a
Salem Oregon remodeling company - V.A. and Sons Construction
have a long history of high quality building and remodeling in
the Salem area. 2)
Escape Hair Salon, Keizer - a fun place!
"Thank you David for our awesome web design.
Very happy! It was affordable and I enjoyed working with you.
Great ideas, already getting hits because of our new website
Angie Lara, owner, Escape Hair Salon

What are Hashtags?

Twitter is fast becoming a major marketing resource both for SEO
and for announcing business news, tips, and most anything.

Check out the amazing stats that were posted by Twitter in March 2011<link>
The " hashtag", is used to designate keywords in a Tweet (Twitter message).
It was created to categorize messages, and allow for searches on Twitter to find those
keyword messages much easier than without the hastag. .

Hashtagged words that become very popular are often Trending Topics.

Important Tips About Using Hastags
Don't #spam #with #hashtags. Don't over-tag a single Tweet
Best practices recommend using no more than 3 hashtags per Tweet.
Use hashtags only on Tweets relevant to the topic.

Learn more @ www. hashtag.org
offers an overview of popular hashtags used on Twitter.
Search for Hashtags on Google, Twitter, Google News, Blogs


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8:56am - Facebook and Social Media Marketing -

Social Media Marketing is a combination of strategies that integrate an overall SEO internet marketing plan with social media web sites, so that both the links in, as well as the possible new sources of business, can be generated.

This is now a must to be integrated in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)and internet marketiing strategies. Did you know ...
That Facebook added 100 million users in less than 9 months?
In 2010 Gen Y outnumbered baby boomers, and 96% of them use a social network?
If Facebook were a country it would be the 4th largest
The fastest growing segment on Facebook is 55-65 yr old users
< Watch the Video - Social Media Revolution >

A Diverse Variety of Website Development Experience

From remodeling to colonics, we design websites from a large variety of business, East Coast to West Coast, info only to e-commerce, and provide an integrated solution approach to your website development project. These days, most everyone expects website design to also include SEO or search engine optmization results. While we integrate the basics of SEO into our site design - titles, H1 tags, content keywords, metatags, etc., building a strong presence at the top of a Google search result page involves lots of time and ongoing development strategies. We offer a monthly retainer based on hourly billing in which we devote x number of hours to SEO for your website. We get results and can show you if you are serious. One of our sites is at the top of Google for a search of "Salem Oregon real estate", a very difficult acheivement as we are competing with national real estate marketing from Yahoo, Realestate.com, homes.com and other major sites. View the Google result page here for Salem Oregon Real Estate> There are paid ads at the top ...the site which we designed and optimized is www.RealEstatesalem.com at the top of the "organic" (non-paid) listings. How Cool is this ?

We are excited about two new projects coming on board - an international manufacturer in Poretland and a local remodeling company. For examples of our Salem Oregon website design portfolio, click on the PORTFOLIO link to the left. There is a sampling of the mastheads with links to the sites. Thanks for visiting today. Call or text us for a free estimate! 503-302-2333


With Firefox Features (haven't heard of Firefox yet? Explore ) You can get all kinds of awesome features to make browsing better for you. All text here is from the Firefox/ Mozilla website describing some of their features. Check it out : Security and Privacy High Performance Fasten your seatbelt: Firefox now includes the TraceMonkey JavaScript engine, which gives the browser dramatically better performance than ever before. Firefox has always been fast, but this is the fastest Firefox ever (more than three times as fast as Firefox 3 and 20% faster than Firefox 3.5), meaning Web applications like email, photo sites, online word processors and more will feel snappier and more responsive. Greater Personalization Higher Productivity The Cutting Edge You have to see it to believe it. The rendering of text and graphics, including SVG and Canvas, is faster and sharper than ever before, thanks to our upgraded graphics engine. Firefox automatically color corrects images that have the color profile data included (like your digital photos) to make sure the colors are exactly as intended. Universal Access Firefox rocks ....... (and it's 4:30am as I am writing this ! Great time for web browsing)


It's a New Year and New Internet

A new internet is emerging that is being driven by social media, integration of tv and web, smart phones, video,and impatience when on the web.....the need for immediate information to make quick decisions about if, when, and where to click.....(click here for more) Being positioned for this massive change is important since a website needs to be integrated with a blog (updated at least weekly - I know, I am guilty of this also), facebook business pages, and other media. SEO or search engine optimization is expected to happen with web design ......i.e. a website is not worth its salt if it cannot be found......telemarketers and emails are saturating us with "get at the top of Google"......only to be selling Google Adwaords at an amazing markup.....results? Even if you get more clicks on your home page, are they going to take action? Persuasive website development engages the site visitor immediately, prompting them to take action because they want to, not because you are telling them to...... These strategies are not new, except they are changing based on the way people are using the internet. My 86 year old mother loves to Google everything.....this is evidence of a trend that local searches, as well as general non-local searches are becoming a prime marketing focus for any website that wants to be found. Visit our website that focuses exclusively on our SEO services : www.LogionSEO.com and/or contact us for more information: Logion Web Design and Development LLC 1115 Madison St PMB 242 Salem OR 97301 www.Logion.net www.LogionWebDesign.com 503.302.2333
* Logion Web Design is one of the top ranked websites on Google for searches of "Salem Oregon Web Design" and "Portland Oregon webmaster". We are experienced in internet marketing as well as website design and development. Established 2001. Combined experience of 20+ years between a web developer and programmer.



Still Expanding into Eugene

We are continuing to expand our services into Eugene Oregon and already have some web site clients there.
One site, www.LongsMeatMarket.com, was developed about five years ago. It is now at the top of Google for
searches of "Eugene Meat Market" - other sites include Evergreen Restaurant and EyeBeam Events. If you are in Eugene
and know of anyone who needs some web site help, send them our way! Our SEO site- www.LogionSEO.com -
is focused on Eugene website design and Search Engine Optimization services including Social Media Marketing.

Web Design and Search Engine Optimization : A Case Study:
Sentran Corp. - a U.S. Current Transformer and Current Transducer Manufacturer

After a few months of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services for Sentran Corp., based in Salem Oregon, we are seeing increases traffic through Google Analytics, and higher ranking for keywords such as current transformer, current transducer, and split core transformer. Competitors are scrambling to figure it out, and contacting Sentran for information. Sentran is unique in that they are able to develop custom sized curent transformers for specific applications while maintaining a high level of accuracy not available through cheaper versions usually bought overseas. Quality is a solution that many customers seek after having bad experiences with lack of service, and poor quality manufacturing. Sentran also offers free consultations on applications and a high level of industry expertise. We continue to develop SEO strategies "behind the scenes" to help Sentran gain even more market edge through Google search results. Contact us for a feww estimate on web site development integrated with SEO services. - David Brown, webmaster 503-302-2333

Search Engine Optimization Tips - Part 1

One of the most important strategies in optimizing a web site for search engine is descriptive text content. The search engine bots and spiders love content that shows depth of technical details, inclusion of keyword phrases that are relevant to the sentence and enough words to be more than a brief description but less that a Phd thesis. There are usually many facets in a particular product or service that can be broken down and organized in such a way to be more user friendly and user informative, especially if they are wanting to dig deeper and find results. You will be more likely to be recognized as an expert in your field and an authority that lends instant credibility to a new web site visitor. There needs to be both a general introduction as well as a more detailed desciption of services on a home page. A blog, linked to the home page will also provide an excellent source of additional content linked into the site, and the search engines love this. Read more about SEO.


Google's New Search Engine Ramp : Caffeine

Google just ramped up their speed of search engine results for users with a new indexing program called "Caffeine" - probably named after the main fuel that drives their programmers 24/7 !

The next time that you are browsing for a Portland web design company, or any other web site, keep this in mind...

Google's indexing system is so large and growing geometrically every day that they need to keep up with their own massive updating of data. Google's index used to be updated every two weeks, which means that fresh new changes on sites sometimes did not show up right away in "real time" like they are on the social networking sites.

Caffeine changes all that. Now Google-on-Caffeine can provide 50 per cent faster and fresher results. Here's how they describe it: "every second Caffeine processes hundreds of thousands of pages in parallel. If this were a pile of paper it would grow three miles taller every second. Caffeine takes up nearly 100 million gigabytes of storage in one database and adds new information at a rate of hundreds of thousands of gigabytes per day. You would need 625,000 of the largest iPods to store that much information; if these were stacked end-to-end they would go for more than 40 miles."

Next programming development title : Espresso?

The Best Anti-Spyware?

Inside Tip: Check Out the Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware that Developers and Programmers Use

We Have Used PC Tools Spyware Doctor for a Few Years Now with Excellent Results

This program really rocks with daily updates and fixes of virus, worms, trojans, and other spyware/adware that will keep you impressed with what they find. Spyware Doctor spyware removal software has been downloaded over 125 million times with millions more downloads every week. It is easy to use and has a free trial to preview.

Spyware Doctor has consistently won awards and recognition from leading computer magazines such as Editors' Choice, and testing laboratories around the world, including the United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany and Australia. It It was also awarded the prestigious Best of the Year at the end of 2005 and again in 2006.


Affinity Web Site for SEO

An affinity web site is a legitimate separate web site that can be set up to help add a powerful link to your main web site. It may or may not relate directly to your product or service but if it does the relevance will give you extra brownie points with Google. An example would be a funeral home that sets up a separate web site just for cremations, adds content and links, and chooses a domain name that matches the search phrase of web visitors such as Salem Oregon Cremations. Or a retirement home site that sets up another generic site on senior care options. Logion Web Design has set up two restaurant sites now at the top od Google,- www.WilsonvilleOregonRestaurants.com, www.CapitolCuisine.com, a PDX site for links (www.PDXLinks.com) , and a relocation site for Wilsonville (www.wilsonvilleoregon.net) , with links going back and forth between various main and secondary sites. Affinity sites may be set up as a content management site or blog, so that you can add your own content and build the depth of the site for those search engine robots to explore and index.

Get Wired - Part 1

A Review of Wired Magazine

Wired magazine has got to be the techno cool zine of cutting edge trends for both techies and non-geeks (I seem to fall somewhere in between the lines). Consider this as a gift for yourself to stay on top of the tech trends and buzz in 2010.

On the Ads

Let's start out with the first three ads in the latest issue.

Omega Watches that are water resistant to 4000 ft deep. I know that I will not this feature ! Decent looking ad on the inside cover. No website shown - what a waste in a tech magazine. Easy to find though : here's a quick link to the "Gents Collection". Fun to browse but not a timeless ad in design.

Shell Oil Company
Something is happening here...what it is ain't exactly clear....(ok, so I am a baby boomer that loves CSN - Crosby, Stills, and Nash)....when Shell advertises in Wired Magazine. It is to brand their commitment to the new energy future : the website link is clear - not to their home page
which also has Responsible Energy and Innovation as two main features, but to the page specifically prepared to discuss how Shell is helping prepare for the new energy future:
Very interactive and inviting to join the conversation to participate rather than observe.
The new energy future is happening now by changes being made by large companies by Shell. It has to be more than lip service, since we are also entering the new form of accountability and transparency in the fact that actions speak louder than words. It's a whole new world and this ad is an example. The medium is the message.


Big Blue is still alive and well and the ad titled "Is your information withholding information?" is catchy and compelled me to read the ad. The ad copy is both persuasive and educational. The tagline at the end : "Let's Build a Smarter Planet". Welcome to the new future IBM.

On The Magazine

Ok, I have to admit that I really liked the Gift List - the 100 gifts that "we're going to give, and hope to receive this season". Wow, what an assortment of gadgets and cool stuff ! They are listed alphabetical on page 16. Visit this list online and check out the site: http://www.wired.com/reviews/package/wishlist2009

The articles are well written and researched.

Like "Second Coming" by Frank Rose - about James Cameron's $250 million 3D epic film Avatar, that may change the way that we watch movies forever ( special projectors are being installed in theaters to show the film. According to Cameron, " I've made a bunch of movies, won a bunch of awards, made a bunch of money....None of those are interesting to me. They never were. It was never about the awards, never about the money, only about the films. But what's challenging? I look for the new thing. And with this film, we've really loaded it up."

Or "The Body Synthetic" by Jennifer Kahn - about a sleek computer model developed by David Eddy that can replicate complex clinical studies - only faster, cheaper, and more reliably. This would accelerate the long process that sometimes takes years of human drug trials and millions of dollars.

Or "Gone" by Evan Ratliff - One man offered a reward to try and find him after he disappeared but stayed in plain sight for one month. It was a manhunt with rules and code hackers networking clues and twitter IP addresses around the country.

Finally on the last page you have an opportunity to predict the future: "what will happen in 10, 20, or 100 years. Sketch out your vision, then go to www.wired.com/wired/found to upload your ideas." They will use the best suggestions as inspiration for a future Found page.

Get Wired if you enjoy reading how the future is being created now, and then you can position your personal and business life to be able to move forward into it.

David Brown
Logion Web Design


Logion Web Design Launches New 2010 XL Hybrid Content Management System

The CMS makes it possible for you to add/remove pages at will on your site. You can create hierarchies of pages also, which is usually rendered as Category, subcategory, products, etc. Our CMS is very nearly a full page editor, meaning that rather than having editorial control over a small portion of a given page, you also have layout & content freedom not available on many other content mangement programs. We combine our custom design and home page layout ideas, with training to set you up to add your own web pages. How cool is that?

Learn more about our CMS >

We are expanding into the Portland Market.

Any business or organization in Portland is welcome to contact us for a free consultation on website development. We have an abundance of marketing ideas and information which we are glad to discuss during this consultation which can be on the phone while we are both online. View one of our Portland area websites that was recently launched:
Quick and Clean Carpets in Tualatin (now top ranked on Google) , or view our "Einstein quote" splash page at www.PDXlinks.com. Other Portland area websites include WilsonvilleOregon.net.

Logion Web Design Stays on Top of Google

Logion Web Design continues to dominate the top organic search engine ranking on Google for searches of "Salem Oregon web design" "Portland Oregon webmaster", - other top ranking sites designed by us continue to stay at the top of Google: Dumanovsky Construction for "Salem Oregon Roofing", Real Estate Salem for "Salem Oregon Real Estate", Capitol Cuisine for "Salem Oregon restaurants", and Wilsonville Oregon.net for "Wilsonville Oregon". Search Google for more information. See Einstein give a quote for our web services at www.PDXLinks.com

PC TOOLS Spyware Doctor Kicks Major Virus Butt

I cannot say enough about this spyware/ malware/ antivirus program. I have used McAfee ad Norton in the past but for the past couple years this little doctor program seems to be light years ahead. Daily updates are the norm, as well as alerts and alarms every time there is a threat, even a minor one. This is an award winning software that can be tested on a free trial basis. Search Google for more information.

Had a Backrub Lately ?

Once upon a time there was a idea that was formalized in a garage, that led to more ideas, and some trial and error experimenting. The concepts grew and began to gel and eventually emerged into what are now known as Google.

Google began in January 1996, as a research project by Larry Page, who was soon joined by Sergey Brin, when they were both Ph.D. students at Stanford University in California.They hypothesized that a search engine that analyzed the relationships between websites would produce better ranking of results than existing techniques, which ranked results according to the number of times the search term appeared on a page. Their search engine was originally nicknamed "BackRub" because the system checked backlinks to estimate the importance of a site.A small search engine called Rankdex was already exploring a similar strategy.

Convinced that the pages with the most links to them from other highly relevant web pages must be the most relevant pages associated with the search, Page and Brin tested their thesis as part of their studies, and laid the foundation for their search engine. Originally, the search engine used the Stanford University website with the domain google.stanford.edu. The domain google.com was registered on 15 September 1997,and the company was incorporated as Google Inc. on 4 September 1998 at a friend's garage in Menlo Park, California.
(from Wikipedia article on Google )

Reviewing the growth of the internet in retrospect, and what is happening now, and especially with social networking sites, where are the trends leading? What is going to be the next big trend? How can we make some money on the ideas?
Stay tuned.

Developing a website is important as is the working relationship with a web developer. We know you are busy. We are also. But it is important to keep your website a priority while it is being developed to avoid the process taking weeks and months. We've been there, and it is not pretty. When we start a project with a client, we focus our creative ideas and energies on it and try to keep moving forward. If the brakes are put on, then everything stops, and the time allocated for this now gets placed elsewhere. If you decide to work with us, please help us to help you keep moving forward with your website development. Thank you !

May 26th

Memorial Day 2009

Memorial Day 2009

A memorial tribute to all the troops who died serving our country, whether certain wars were justified or not (Vietnam), they are to be remembered especially today. Bravery, honor, courage, duty, and love of country transcends politics.

SECURITY ALERT - May 18 2009

PC Tools has identified that cybercriminals are continuing to target major news stories and global events such as the recent release of Windows 7 and the FIFA World Cup.

Thousands of Windows 7 builds downloaded on Torrent and P2P sharing sites contain a malicious Trojan designed to target your personal information and has the potential to cause system failure and result in identity theft or financial loss for the end user.

We're also witnessing phishing attacks targeting the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ Tournament and there's evidence to suggest that the FIFA related attacks will continue to escalate, as demonstrated during the previous FIFA World Cup when related phishing attacks jumped by 40%.

What you should do to help protect yourself:

Only purchase/download products from trusted sources.
If you've downloaded Windows 7 from a torrent site, you should use your security software to run a comprehensive scan of your computer to check for Trojans and other threats.
If you're not already protected, look for reputable award-winning software such as Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus and Internet Security and ensure you apply security updates regularly.
Avoid clicking on links sent to you via emails and instant messages even if they appear to be sent from a known or reputable source.

Are you tired of the same old same old web design website hype that is on almost all of the web designers sites?

Are you looking for something different? A catchy tagline? The next YouTube idea? How to really make your website work for you?

Outside of the Box

Has "Outside of the Box" become just another cliché?

Tell us what you are looking for and maybe we will be a good fit
for your website objectives. How's this for starters? :

Set up a free Google account and the free Blog on Blogger.

Search the keywords for your business on Google and see what comes up. Nationally, and locally. Get setup on the social networking sites such as Linked In, Facebook, Youtube, and search Wikipedia for Social Networking and they have a huge list to browse.

Take some time to plan out your website. Setup as sitemap or outline of pages and links. Or just give us a call to get started now.

May 10 2009

Hey ! Just visiting? Thanks for stopping by! We are seeing top rankings happening in Salem and are working on a stronger Portland Oregon web design search presence. This is the blog for Logion Web Design. Thanks for visiting. Stay tuned. Need a web developer? We have years of business experience, programming, marketing and creative ideas to develop the right internet presentation for you. Check out our site : www.logion.net

Just launched:
The Heat Pump Store, a business specializing in Ductless Heat Pumps that save energy and have huge tax credits and rebates -www.TheHeatPumpStore.com

Hawkeye Home Inspections, uses an infrared thermography camera to locate hidden problems in homes.

Wurdinger Recycling is a large car crushing and metals recycling company in Oregon.

Dumanovsky Construction specializes in high quality roofing materials and installation.

For the best computer security try PC Tools Spyware Doctor ....I left McAfee a long time ago....and just added their registry mechanic and found 493 fixes on the first scan.

Download Firefox 3 BrowserHave you tried the Firefox Browser? New changes, safer than Internet Explorer, and fun features.

Check it out : here Version 3.0

There are literally thousands of totally free ways to customize your Firefox to fit exactly what you like to do online.

An Open Source, Community - Powered Browser

What is Mozilla/Firefox organic software? from the Mozilla web site:
"As software companies go, we're a little unusual. We use the term 'organic software' to sum up the various ways we're different from the other guys: Our most well-known product, Firefox, is created by an international movement of thousands, only a small percentage of whom are actual employees.We're motivated by our mission of promoting openness, innovation and opportunity on the web rather than business concerns like profits or the price of our stock (guess what: we don't even have stock). And as a non-profit, public benefit organization, we define success in terms of building communities and enriching people's lives. We believe in the power and potential of the Internet and want to see it thrive for everyone, everywhere." View full info: